Frankie Grande's 'Big Brother' Competitors Shut Him Down and Evict Him

Ariana Grande's older brother was evicted Tuesday night. On Wednesday night, viewers got a whole new picture of him, with as close to a purely satisfying moment as you'll see on Big Brother.

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Frankie Grande of the Boca Raton Missileboob Grandes saw his Big Brother journey cut short ahead of the finale this week as he was eliminated in fifth place. The YouTube "star" couldn't persuade his remaining male housemates to keep him in on Tuesday night's episode, and by a unanimous vote, he was evicted.

Of course, as hardcore fans of the show who watch the 24/7 live-streams on CBS' site know, the Frankie who lived in that house was not always the Frankie shown on TV. From rape jokes about a female houseguest to delusions of grandeur, he earned himself a sizable hatedom as the season went on. But as he was greeted with cheers for his live interview with host Julie Chen on Tuesday, it seemed as though live-streamers would not get to see the Frankie Grande they know revealed.

But little did we know Big Brother was simply saving its best bullets in the chamber. At the outset of last night's show, viewers were taken back to the moments before Tuesday's live eviction and watched as Frankie unraveled at the seams when facing the end of his game. One might call his statements "egotistical." One would be a bit more generous than necessary.

Among Frankie's boasts as he was trying to convince his competitors to keep him in the game:

  • "I am the best player."
  • "None of you could beat me sitting next to me."
  • "By doing this to me, you have created the most powerful person in this game. Because when I step out of those front doors, you are reconnecting me with my millions of followers."
  • "Let's face it, who's the most convincing speaker in this house? You're looking at the person who will singlehandedly pick the winner of his game."

After that last bit – Frankie's claim that he could convince the evicted contestants on the jury of whatever he wants – his fellow houseguests couldn't remain silent. "You're not f*cking Jesus in this house," Cody said.

Then Caleb went off. "You think you're so powerful. 'I will decide on who wins the game,'" Caleb said. "You won't."

Watch the clip above to see the full smackdown. Oh, and if you're wondering how Ariana's dealing with her brother's elimination, she hasn't yet tweeted about it. As recently as Tuesday morning, however, she seemed to have no concerns:

Never change, Grande family.

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