Every Episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ Will Hit Netflix in October

All 153 episodes! All seven seasons! Finally available on streaming!

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Decider reports that Gilmore Girls, arguably the greatest achievement in television history (hyperbole? nah) will be available to stream on Netflix starting October 1. That’s right: all seven seasons of The WB show will be available to subscribers. Although everyone should avoid the awful seventh season that show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was not involved with.

This does not equal the long-hoped for (but never happening) Gilmore Girls movie or a more satisfying end to the series, but it does mean that everyone’s beat-up DVD collection can finally take a break and binging on the adventures of the Connecticut mother/daughter team will be easier than ever.

Now, if they can just get ER on somewhere, the trilogy of my favorite, most formative TV shows (along with The X-Files, already available) will be at everyone’s fingertips. And the debate over Jess vs. Dean will rage forever more.

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