Coca-Cola Resurrects Surge's Glorious Green Goodness

Coca-Cola is bringing back Surge, its citrus-flavored soda.

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Rejoice! Coca-Cola is bringing back Surge, its citrus-flavored soda.

Thanks in large part to "The SURGE Movement," a three-year online campaign that sought to reintroduce the discontinued 90's favorite, Coke has finally heeded to the will of the people.

What's more, Surge will return to the market largely unchanged, complete with its original trademark formula, the same mammoth 16-ounce cans, and its signature Goosebumps-esque cover art, the company said in a press release on Monday.

The group took to its Facebook page, which has over 130,000 "Likes," to celebrate.


Despite staying with its classic 90's feel, the release marks new territory for Coke. As part of a distribution deal with Amazon, SURGE is the first Coke product that will only be offered online, something the company indicated could give new life to other defunct favorites (anyone want to start a movement to resurrect "OK Soda"?). In addition, the re-release of SURGE also marks the first time in its history that the beverage company has reintroduced a product that was previously discontinued.

Racquel Mason of Coca-Cola North America heralded the return of the soft drink.

People loved its bright green color and bold citrus taste, as well as its quirky sense of humor... SURGE delivered a differentiated product experience, and we’re excited to bring it back.”

While it's unclear what "quirky sense of humor" Mason is referring to, this is a welcome piece of good news for the power of grassroots activism, anyone nostalgic for the 1990's, or the thousands that have pined for a taste of SURGE's citrus flavors.

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