Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo May Reunite for a New 'Vacation'-Inspired Sitcom

ABC has ordered a pilot script starring the Vacation couple as disgruntled grandparents.

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ABC has ordered a pilot script for a sitcom reuniting Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, who starred in four National Lampoon's Vacation movies in the '80s and '90s. The script will be written by Arrested Development staffer Brad Copeland, who also worked on NewsRadio and My Name Is Earl and wrote the film Wild Hogs. ABC ordered the script with a penalty attached, which means a pilot will at least be made with an eye on the 2015-2016 season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script will see Chase and D'Angelo play a married couple – although not necessarily the Griswolds – who suddenly are put in charge of raising their grandchildren (which sounds like it could get a little dark). If you miss the Griswolds themselves, don't worry: Chase and D'Angelo are making cameos in the Ed Helms/Christina Applegate reboot of Vacation coming out next year.

The project represents Chase's safest route back to TV stardom after his public feuding with creator Dan Harmon on Community, the last show he worked on. Since the first season of Saturday Night Live, Chase has never had a reputation as being the easiest person to work with, but he obviously still has enough name recognition to get ABC's attention for this project even after stories of him dropping the N-word on set.

D'Angelo has been much quieter in recent years outside of her sterling work on HBO's Entourage (that's not sarcasm, she really was great as agent/mogul Barbara Miller).

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