Yahoo Passes on 'Enlisted,' Crushing Dreams of a Revival

Fans of the show were hoping for a second season pickup, a la Community, but no luck.

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Everyone, put your "I heart Chris Lowell" signs away – Enlisted is reportedly not returning for a second season.

In news that is decidedly un-amazing, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the sad news that Fox's critically acclaimed military comedy would not be picked up by Yahoo in a last-second renewal. The buzz around a potential second season started in July, when reports surfaced that Yahoo Screen and Fox were in discussions about a feasible plan for a pickup.

Though odds were always long, some held out hope – especially in the face of Yahoo's decision to pick Community up for a sixth season. Alas, issues with budget kept the search engine-turned-startup network from pulling the trigger.

As TVLine first reported, there is no other likely savior for Enlisted waiting in the wings. Treat any heartbreak wounds you have by rewatching the show's first (and, *sniff*, only) season on Hulu Plus. If you never watched the show, get a glimpse at what you missed below.

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