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On the set for Usher's "She Came to Give It to You" video, Nicki Minaj and Drake – like most people would – got a little hungry. So they went to the closest convenience store and picked up some snacks. It was absolutely delightful – and insightful! We learned so much about hip-hop's cutest friends in just a minute. Here are our highlights:

Drake likes Cheetos Puffs. They're one of the first items he picks up when they enter, so he clearly loves them, like any good American Canadian.

Drake wants Nicki to get whatever she wants. And Nicki is happy to oblige.

Nicki loves Cheez-Its and shit. "I want some Cheez-Its and shit," Nicki says.

Drake and Nicki make friends with their fellow shoppers. "Your friend want something, too?" he asks a woman across the display from him. "You want something?" Her smile speaks for us all.

Drake likes Nutella dipsticks. But only because he's splurging today.

Drake and Nicki talk about dietary concerns. "You're not supposed to eat anything at all?" Drake asks with a sense of worry. "I mean, definitely not this," she responds, referring to her junk food. "But I'm just trying to see how long I can cheat." Stars! They're just like us!

Nicki jokes around with non-celebrities. "Excuse me, miss, could you get out of our way?" she says to another shopper, who busts out with a gleeful laugh.

She appears to be the friend of the previous woman. We are all Those Two Friends today, just hoping Nicki and Drake will grace our bodega shopping experiences.

Drake isn't about to endanger himself for junk food. "That's like shaving a good six months off your life," he says about one of Nicki's choices.

Nicki does not care. "I know," she responds. "But I'm not eating a lot. I'm just gonna take a tiny bit." Drake cannot stop Nicki from indulging. Nicki does what she wants.

Drake is a gentleman. Of course he pays for their convenience store date! "I got you, boo, don't worry about it," he tells Nicki. He did, of course, watch her do this recently:

So it's the right thing to do.

Most of all, we learned that Drake and Nicki are just like all of us at a convenience store late at night: hungry, impulsive, and adorable. And that's the most valuable lesson of all.

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