The Wire's Movie Trailer Power Rankings Wish to Have the Curse Reversed

This week in the power rankings: We can't stop talking about 'Into the Woods,' and 'Fifty Shades' remerges on our list.

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Every week here at The Wire, we're bringing you an up-to-date ranking of the trailers that are already making us laugh, cry, and wonder if  this is Anna Kendrick's Anne Hathaway year. Our methodology involves staff-wide rankings and YouTube views, and we may or may not take into account how much certain Wire staffers like musicals.

This Week's Trailer Debuts

This was a fairly weak week for trailers considering we still haven't gotten any for a couple big fall releases. (Whither the Big Eyes trailer? Whither Inherent Vice?) The flashiest trailer released this week was the one for Mortdecai, the latest entry in the ever expanding Johnny Depp-puts-on-a-funny-voice-and-facial-hair canon.

We also got a look at The Best of Me, a very soupy Nicholas Sparks-y Nicholas Sparks adaptation starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, as, you know, star-crossed lovers. For some unknown reason the younger versions look absolutely nothing like their older counterparts, which is especially odd because Marsden has to have a Dorian Grey-like portrait in a closet somewhere. Anyway, if you like orange skies and boys from the wrong side of the tracks then this one is for you. 

On the indie side of we have a trailer for Rudderless, William H. Macy's feature directorial debut starring Billy Crudup as a grieving father who seeks solace in music written by his dead son. Vulture, meanwhile, debuted the footage from Wetlands, which Kyle Buchanan described as an "insanely outrageous sex comedy." Honestly, it's best if I say nothing more and you just watch that one.

Movie Trailer Power Rankings as of August 15, 2014

10. The Theory of Everything (last week: 9) 
The weepy-looking Stephen Hawking biopic dropped a spot on our list this week, just making it into the top ten. Eddie Redmayne looks good and all, but just remember that this beautiful romance actually ended in a bitter divorce and it's unclear whether or not the movie will explore that from this trailer.

9. Interstellar (last week: 6) 
Despite featuring Michael Caine reciting poetry, Christopher Nolan's wormhole movie keeps sinking on this list. Maybe we just need more information that Nolan is never going to give us.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey (last week: --)
The sexiest movie about sex ever, Fifty Shades of Grey, was absent from our rankings last week, but the sexiness was just overpowering. (Or maybe it was the Beyoncé.) Hey, did you know this movie is about sex?

7. Big Hero 6 (last week: --)
The potentially adorable Big Hero 6, the upcoming offering from Disney Animation Studios, currently riding high off last year's Frozen fanaticism. Big Hero 6, based on a series from Marvel, is the story of a boy and his puffy robot Baymax, who is staking out his place in the race to be 2014's Olaf.

6. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (last week: 2) 
The teaser for the latest dropped a couple spots, but the soulful sounds of Billy Boyd keep it in the middle of the pack.

5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (last week: --)
The more generic Mockingjay trailer was on our list last week, but this time we subbed it out for the master class in movie marketing that is the first teaser featuring President Snow and Peeta.

4. Gone Girl (last week: 4) 
The trailer for David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's creep-tastic mystery stayed in the exact same spot this week. It's easily one of our most anticipated movies of the fall, and, while the trailer doesn't answer all of our questions, it certainly hits a lot of the right notes.

3. Mad Max (last week: 8) 
Tom Hardy's Mad Max movie has been all over these rankings, but sneaks into the top three this week. If we had to describe this trailer in one word we'd say "dusty."

2. Wild (last week: 7) 
The Wild trailer may not be the best Reese Witherspoon-starring video out there at this very moment—you keep doing you, Reese—but it's once again near the top of our rankings. Every time we watch it we can't help thinking "Oscar number 2, Oscar number 2."

1. Into the Woods (last week: --)
Look, there are some problems with the Into the Woods trailer. The fact that there's no singing, for instance, is one. But the more we watch this the more eager we are to actually see this movie, even though we know it has the potential to be a huge mess. Maybe it's the hint of Sondheim's score. Maybe it's that it's the only trailer we're seeing for a fall movie that really screams spectacle. Maybe it's that we're huge musical theater dorks. Probably that last one.

This Week's Single Best Moment from Any Current Trailer

I'm going to talk about Into the Woods again whether you like it or not. Hence my favorite moment this week is when the Into the Woods trailer cuts from the dust storm that is Meryl Streep's Witch to trees unfurling to reveal the movie's title. Frankly, the reason why I love this moment has a lot to do with the use of music that accompany's it. As Witch tells the Baker and his wife to "go to the wood" it crescendos, and then settles into something quieter, almost creepier, as the animated trees unfold to reveal the movie's animated title.

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