The Newest 'Gone Girl' Trailer Gives Us More of the Titular Girl

Rosamund Pike's Amy gets a bit more focus in a third trailer that premiered during the Emmys last night.

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The Gone Girl team premiered a third trailer during last night's Primetime Emmys ceremony, and we're finally getting to see more of the film's central relationship. The first two trailers focused on Gillian Flynn's story as a mystery – and there's still a bit of that here – but in this clip, we get to see much more of the titular Girl, Amy (Rosamund Pike).

"What's your name?" Ben Affleck's Nick asks at a party.

"Amy," she replies with a hint of a smile. "And you? Who are you?"

"I'm the guy to save you from all this awesomeness," he says.

Then, with a reminder of the movie's already-signature line – "This man of mine may truly kill me," Amy says in a disconcertingly dreamy tone – the trailer dives back in to the mystery. Did Nick kill his wife? Why did he raise her life insurance policy? How many days are left until October 3? (38 days.)

"This just got very exciting," Sela Ward's Sharon Scheiber says in the clip. We can't help but agree. Just hold off on talking about the ending for a little while longer.

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