The Golden Globes May Have Set the Template for How to Award Limited Series

A new rule change will put all shows that complete their storyline and change characters after a single season – including True Detective and American Horror Story – in a new category.

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True Detective caused a great deal of sturm und drang by submitting as a drama series instead of a miniseries to this year's Emmys – and the Golden Globes might be trying to fix that.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced several rule changes today, chief among them being a new set of 'limited series' categories that will replace the 'miniseries' categorization. Any TV series that wraps up its storyline and changes characters between seasons will be automatically submitted as a limited series.

"We did that because there seems to be a new trend to come out with shows that wrap up in one season and have one storyline and one cast," HFPA president Theo Kingma told The Hollywood Reporter. The most prominent examples of this trend, of course, are FargoAmerican Horror Story, and True Detective itself.

For this year's Emmy AwardsTrue Detective flew against the precedent set by American Horror Story two years ago and submitted as a Drama Series. The relatively broad rules allowed the Matthew McConaughey-starring first season to submit wherever it wanted – a luxury it will not have when it submits its episodes for the Golden Globes this winter.

While it's not clear if the Emmys will follow suit, the Golden Globes making this move puts them at the forefront of adjusting to a major TV trend. To establish a template so early is a sharp move for the Globes – with new seasons TV's trinity of signature limited series on the way, it will inevitably come in handy.

Other changes announced today: a redefining of the parameters of an "animated" film versus a "motion-capture" film, and new streaming software being given to all members of the HFPA to facilitate voting.

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