'The Daily Show' Trusts House Republicans More Than the Klan on Immigration

Jon Stewart wondered if there's any chance at all for a Congressional solution to the immigration crisis.

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Jon Stewart seemed a tad disappointed in how the U.S. Congress has failed on immigration on last night's show. After all, the unpopular governmental body managed to strike down President Barack Obama's suggested $3.7 billion plan. They subsequently also failed to get a $2.7 billion version of the bill off the ground in the Senate.

"Is there anybody with an idea out there of how to solve this humanitarian crisis?" Stewart asked. "Anybody at all?"

Turns out, House Republicans had a plan. Stewart paused.

"Is there anybody?" Stewart asked again. "Anybody?"

"These are just little kids that are coming over," the reporter asked of the Ku Klux Klan in a clip. "And you're calling for a shoot-to-kill?"

Stewart may not like the House, but they are, at least, not the Klan. So he instead examined the House's bill, which dropped from an initial $1.5 billion to only $659 million – "not even in the same ballpark," Stewart noted.

Of course, being the House, they couldn't even pass the minimized version of the bill.

"[They] were so close to the appearance of doing something," Stewart said with a sigh.

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