'The Daily Show' Thinks Bob McDonnell Is Cursed

New details about the former Virginia governor and his wife's corruption scandal indicate the curse of the State of the Union address respondent lives on.

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As The Wire noted earlier this week, things aren't going great for former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. On trial on corruption charges, the two are accused of taking bribes from Jonnie Williams, a billionaire businessman, in the form of gifts, vacations, etc.

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show crew set their sights on the scandal last night, noting that the former governor, who delivered the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address in 2010, finally had the responder's curse catch up to him.

The McConnells' allegedly took the bribes in exchange for helping promote Anatabloc, a drug Stewart noted was made from microwaving tobacco.

"Turns out, when you put two terrible things together, it turns out great," Stewart joked. "Gonorrhea's terrible! But when you mix it in a crock pot with dog vomit? Transforms into a healthy part of any child's breakfast."

Said promotion mostly took place within Bob's work, but it was something Maureen did that got Stewart the most hot under the collar. She claimed when talking to Ann Romney that Anatabloc could possibly cure her of her multiple sclerosis.

"That's f*cked up," Stewart said over a chorus of groans from the audience. "How do those two live with themselves?"

Luckily, Maureen's "crush" on Williams brought some levity back to the story. Stewart pointed out one text in particular from Maureen to Williams:

"It was all capitals," Stewart said, amused and bug-eyed. Sadly, Williams said he didn't even know that she was interested – this despite the earthquake sext – so Maureen's feelings remained unfulfilled.

Plus, her chief of staff told the FBI she believed in the non-relationship because she's "a nutbag." Insult to injury much?

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