'The Daily Show' Reunites Every Member of the Wu-Tang Clan

Seeing Jon Stewart surrounded by Wu-Tang Clan members was truly a sight to behold.

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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team had quite a treat for their live studio audience last night: the reunion of all nine living members of the Wu-Tang Clan. In honor of their 20th anniversary, the Clan talked with Stewart about reuniting for their new album, A Better Tomorrow, is their first as a complete group since 2007's 8 Diagrams

It's nearly impossible not to smile just as the guys introduce themselves. As Stewart noted, Simon and Garfunkel "couldn't keep two guys together," but these nine keep finding a way back to each other – even after an early 2010s spent struggling to get an album made.

"We're trailblazers in the music business, we've been around the world. We're doing our job," Raekwon said of the obstacles in getting the group back together. "I consider this a sport. So I think it's important, as an 'athlete' of music, to make sure you have your business together."


The reunited Clan also performed their new song, "Ron O'Neal." The song was supposed to go up on iTunes last night – though it doesn't appear to be available now – but you can watch their live performance below. (The album is due out in November.)

They also performed their classic, "Triumph," as the show's Moment of Zen. And what a moment it was.

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