SHOCK: Ariana Grande Didn't Really Want To Be on a Nickelodeon Sitcom Anymore

Today in celebrity gossip: The former Sam & Cat star maybe preferred to be a mega-famous popstar instead, plus Ciara is now psychic and Kelly Rutherford could face charges for kidnapping her own kids.

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Today in celebrity gossip: The former Sam & Cat star maybe preferred to be a mega-famous popstar instead, plus Ciara is now psychic and Kelly Rutherford could face charges for kidnapping her own kids.

Do you remember when and where you were when you first heard that Sam & Cat had been canceled? It was basically the JFK assassination of our times, a shocking and senseless tragedy infused with the unmistakable air of dark conspiracy. At the time we pored over all the reports feeling wrenched and crestfallen, all of us collectively twisting our handkerchiefs with white-knuckle anxiety for a world overturned, yet we at least clung to the safety net of the question mark. Why would Nickelodeon's #1 sitcom suddenly go away? How? Who was behind this terrible turn of events? Popular theory held that co-star Jennette McCurdy was tired of making far less money than co-star Ariana Grande. But an even more popular theory held that Ariana Grande was on the verge of worldwide superstardom in her burgeoning pop music career and her team had the foresight to get her out of a multi-year, 40-episodes-per-season basic cable grind. No matter the reason, Grande claimed she was sad about the end of the show and claimed it wasn't her fault and that she would've been totally cool with continuing the sitcom for almost no money nor fame and people just sort of politely nodded, sure. But in a new interview with People she has finally started to come clean about her feelings toward the show, admitting a certain level of creative dissatisfaction where previously she'd only sung the gig's praises: "For a long time I was attached to a character that was nothing like myself. It was a little frustrating." Uh, NO DOY. The "not like myself" excuse seems like a polite way of saying this was not a part she really wanted to play anymore. And what kind of insane person would want to be on a badly written sitcom for children rather than touring the world singing proper jams alongside Nicki Minaj? It's nice of Ariana Grande to keep her language soft so as to not upset her actual crestfallen fans, but get real, fans. Ariana Grande did not want to make that show anymore and that's why it was canceled. Deal with it.

Also, in related Ariana Grande-is-maybe-too-good-for-us news, she told Billboard that one of her main heroes is Freddy Krueger. [People, Billboard]

Write your own joke: Ciara broke up with The Future and can now see the future. Nevermind, Page Six already made the clairvoyance joke, but anyway, yeah, Ciara broke things off with her fiancé, rapper The Future and she mentioned this fact briefly in an otherwise unrelated interview with Us Weekly. But the interesting part here is that Ciara is now claiming her words were stolen! Just straight-up stolen! Here she is in her own words:

So how did Us Weekly respond to Ciara's charges of journalistic subterfuge? By simply reporting it as another item of celebrity gossip and posting the original audio interview. Get those clicks, Us Weekly. [Page Six, Us Weekly]

Do you know or care who Riley Keough is? Either way, she's engaged now. Also she's a model who is also Elvis' granddaughter (via Lisa Marie Presley's reproductive system) and she used to date both Alex Pettyfer and Robert Pattinson and was also rumored to have been consorting with Nicholas Hoult amid his breakup with Jennifer Lawrence. But guess what? She's now engaged to a dude named Benjamin Smith-Peterson, and he's a stuntman she met on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road and also he's pretty dreamy. Here's their engagement announcement photo that he posted to Facebook:

Now you both know AND care. [Page Six]

Former Melrose Place and Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is not having a great time lately. For one thing she's enmeshed in a brutal custody dispute over her two children with her French national ex-husband, but also her children have just been "deported"! That basically just means she lost the first round of legal battles and she escalated the case to the Federal level. Unfortunately she's just lost that case as well, and TMZ paints a heartbreaking scene:

Outside the courtroom, Rutherford broke down, saying "My own country won't save my children and I pay taxes!"

Meanwhile Radar reports that should Rutherford not comply with the deportation she could face kidnapping charges! So that is a pretty stressful situation for a mother right there, and presents a cautionary tale for any ladies looking to marry French citizens, particularly the kind of French citizens who would allow their children to be named Hermes and Helena. As is the case here. Good luck, Kelly Rutherford! [TMZ, Radar]

Question. Would you like to be #loungin poolside with Justin Bieber right now?

Here's Miley Cyrus just mingling with the people:

Teen Wolf's Mason Dye and Dylan Sprayberry seemed to be having a good time doing the fan convention circuit:

Here's Austin Mahone hanging out with "famous" "Vine celebrities."

And finally, Steven R. McQueen fell asleep at the airport.

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