Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen Fight For Brazil’s Dumpster-Diving Children in the Trailer for ‘Trash’

Stephen Daldry's films are always beloved by the Oscars, and this Brazil-set thriller is aiming to tug at the heartstrings.

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The first international trailer for Trash hit the internet today, populated largely with a cast of unknowns and featuring a bold, jazzy method of subtitling dialogue that matches the vibrant color schemes Daldry (Billy Elliott, The Hours) seems to be going for. The plot revolves around three children in Brazil who subsist on digging through their city’s giant garbage dumps, find an important person’s wallet, and get mixed up in a national conspiracy, with Sheen and Mara playing a priest and his assistant who help the youngsters in their journey.

Daldry has had mixed luck with critics lately, but he’s still on a remarkable streak with the Academy—his last three films (The Hours, The Reader and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) were all nominated for Best Picture and he has three Best Director nominations to his name. Trash seems to follow a lot of Daldry’s usual motifs (he works well with young actors and loves to pull at the heart-strings), but the Brazillian setting gives the film a more vibrant energy than his previous efforts (his last three films were about suicide, the Holocaust, and 9/11).

Still, it’s obvious that Trash, based on the 2010 novel by Andy Mulligan, is a movie with a message about poverty and corruption in South America, and could make a splash with critics or awards bodies later in the year. Its domestic release is to be announced, but it begins an international rollout on Oct. 9 in Brazil.

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