Ranking the Charming Media Appearances of Chris Pratt's 'Guardians' Press Tour

Chris Pratt is a charming man.

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Chris Pratt is a charming man. His charm is part of the reason that Guardians of the Galaxy has been such a box office success. It's also why people are falling in love with him during the film's press tour.

Pratt has hit upon a special level of Internet fame: any move can be blog post fodder. He's essentially a viral human being. Let's call it the J-Law Syndrome. People feel the same way about Pratt as they do about Jennifer Lawrence, another America's sweetheart. Take, for instance, this comment thread on a Gawker post revealing the latest Pratt antic: 

Both Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are attractive people, but the reason for the collective obsession with them only partially has to do with their desirability. First and foremost, they are best friend material. They are the people who will prank you hilariously and then later laugh about it over a beer. Now that we are reaching the end of the Guardians media tour, let's go back and rank Pratt's greatest hits, based on charm level.

Chris Pratt discusses getting naked on the set of Parks and Recreation

This is a great story about Pratt deciding he would get a good reaction shot out of Amy Poehler if he actually did a scene naked instead of wearing requisite flesh colored underwear. This story would seem a lot less charming if someone other than Pratt was involved. NBC had a point when they slapped him on the wrist.

Charm Level: 1 J-Law 

Chris Pratt "predicts" his role in Jurassic Park 4

Though this video of Pratt joking about texting with Steven Spielberg about Jurassic Park was filmed long before he was a movie star—not to mention a movie star playing the lead in Jurassic World—it has resurfaced this week thanks to the Pratt-love. It's age automatically bumps it to the bottom of the list, but otherwise it's pretty charming, not to mention super prescient.

Charm Level: 3 J-Laws

Chris Pratt gives his famous friends superhero names

When Pratt did a BuzzFeed Brews event he was instructed to give "superhero names" to his "famous friends." Some are quite cute. he calls Amy Poehler "Queen Bee," because she obviously is the queen. Aziz Ansari is "Turd Man." But here's the deal: talking about famous people you know is not the most charming thing. Part of Pratt's charm is that it seems like anyone could be friends with him, relating to famous people is isolating. 
Charm Level: 3.5 J-Laws

Chris Pratt makes noises

Pratt was apparently so excitable on the Guardians set that he forgot that the sound of his weapons would be added later. This one's just cute.

Charm Level: 3.75 J-Laws

Chris Pratt raps Eminem's verse from "Forgot About Dre"

The most recent Pratt clip features the star talking about how he used to live in a van, smoke weed everyday, and listen to Dr. Dre's 2001. He then launches into Eminem's verse from "Forgot About Dre." Yes, this is 100 percent endearing, and makes it seem like Pratt would be a very fun guy to hang around. But it is as endearing as our final clip?

Charm Level: 4 J-Laws

Chris Pratt does a French braid

Look, this was a total set up. ET made Pratt French braid an intern's hair. Still, what makes this the ultimate Chris Pratt charm moment was how he simply played along and did the interview like a pro. Also the way he says "scrunchie."

Charm Level: 5 J-Laws.

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