Piers Morgan and Larry King Don't Like Each Other Very Much

The two former CNN primetime hosts are feuding.

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It only seemed a matter of time before former CNN primetime star Larry King and his not-so-successful successor Piers Morgan dragged their rivalry into the spotlight for public consumption.

Earlier this week, while doing a phone interview for a radio station in Buffalo (of all good places), King was asked what he thought of Piers Morgan's failed show and if he believed his metaphorical suspenders had been too hard to fill.

King didn't want to gloat, but said it would be difficult to replace any American icon who had been hosting a show for 25 years. At this point, King could have been nominally magnanimous and moved on, but he didn't. 

"Personally, I like him fine, but it was all about him...he was the opposite." King said.

On he went deriding Morgan's interview style, calling it "pompous" and added that Morgan's Britishness didn't help his lackluster ratings. Eventually, word spread from the Buffalo airwaves across the pond. Piers Morgan responded. 

Finally and most accurately:

I think they should keep going. I think the ratings would be good.

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