Of Course Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video Is About Butts

Drake looks like he'd rather be doing anything than getting ground up on by Minaj's dance a$$.

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It might shock you to learn that one Onika Maraj – better known in her pink wigs as Nicki Minaj – released a video today that was heavily focused on her derriere. After all, this is not a woman known for her love of her hindquarters. But surprise! The video for her Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampling single "Anaconda" is wall-to-wall butt.

I mean, what else is there to say here? The woman bounces her butt, grinds up on other butts, wears clothing that reveals most of her butt. All the butt bases are covered.

Want to see Nicki and friends humping the ground? Boom. In fact, it's so nice, she does it twice:

(Onika, the effort was a little weaker the second time. Sophomore slump, I understand, but no need for sloppy seconds.)

So yeah. There is really no plot. Just butt.

A little over three minutes in, however, Drake shows up! No, he's not featured on the track or anything. He's just here to experience Nicki's butt. And while it's possible Drake was having the time of his life filming this video, his face indicates he was not.

This is not the face of a man overwhelmed by a beautiful butt. This is a man who doesn't know what you want him to do with this.

Gritted teeth as Nicki Minaj straddles your shoulder? He is having the time of his life!

As noted Minajist and TIME reporter Nolan Feeney put it on Twitter, Drake's final facial expression says it all: "What have I done?"

You were in a video about a lot of butts, Drake. That's what you've done.

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