Nobody Liked the 'Breaking Bad' Wind Chimes on Last Night's Emmys

As the wind chimes tinkled after every Breaking Bad win, viewers got angrier. What was the orchestra thinking?

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Though for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards largely ceded to tradition last night, there was one new addition to the show.

When Debra Messing and Jim Parsons presented Anna Gunn with the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama award, the orchestra, as is typical, played an interpretation of her show's theme song. Quick reminder: this is the Breaking Bad theme. This is what they played:

Hunh? Were those ... were those wind chimes?

Yes, in a choice that could most generously be described as "bizarre" and could also be called "the worst," the Emmys' music direction performed a version of the Breaking Bad theme that featured chimes. Lots of chimes. Chimes at full volume. It was an oddity at first:

Then it happened again, at 26 seconds into this clip:

This seems to be where the audience started to break down.

Some viewers were still sane enough to make jokes ...

... while others saw the writing on the wall:

As expected, when Breaking Bad took the big prize, the chimes came out, even stronger than they were before:

Media Twitter reacted in kind:

Notably, during Best Supporting Actor winner Aaron Paul's win, the wind chimes did not play. It's as if the conductor looked at his chime person at the next commercial, shrugged and said, "More wind chimes?"

As with all things in the microculture of today, however, the chimes had proud (or at least sarcastic) defenders:

One thing's for certain, though: In a show that left us without much to talk about, the chimes rose up to save us from our boredom.

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