New Music Tuesday: Nicki's 'Anaconda' Slithers Onto Spotify

Every Tuesday, Spotify posts a slew of new music available to stream. But with so many singles out there, how can you know what's worthwhile?

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Every Tuesday, Spotify posts a slew of new music available to stream. But with so many singles out there, how can you know what's worthwhile? Each week, The Wire will break down which songs you need to hear, which are delectable hate-listens, and which should find a home on your personal playlists. Click the song title to open it on Spotify – or jam out immediately by pressing play on the accompanying YouTube and Soundcloud players.

The Song Everyone is Talking About: "Anaconda," Nicki Minaj

We are in a Moment of Nicki, from her appearance on Ariana Grande and Jessie J's "Bang Bang" to her twisted verse on Beyoncé's "***Flawless" remix. But the queen of features added one of her own tracks to her dominance with the release of "Anaconda" yesterday. The song heavily samples Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," and it's typically sexy solo Nicki fare. But let's be honest: We're all just waiting for that video to drop.

The Song Absolutely No One is Talking About: "Heavy Metal and Reflective," Azealia Banks

In the War of the Azaleas, Iggy's clearly won. After months of delays for her debut album, Azealia Banks left her record deal with Universal and decided to try independently releasing music again. "Heavy Metal and Reflective" is one of the first of those efforts, and it is unfortunately unremarkable. She also has the misfortune of trying to make noise when another female rapper is dominating the news cycle. Sorry, Azealia. Better luck next time.

The Song That Has No Right to Be So Catchy: "Kanye," The Chainsmokers f/ Siren

The Chainsmokers, who released "#SELFIE" onto this world and would be quite deserving of a life of exile for it, have returned with a new single. This one, "Kanye," is a tribute to supreme self-confidence a la Mr. West's. It features a breezy, sublime vocal from Los Angeles-based Siren. You can just smell another smash success on the wind, "#SELFIE" PTSD be damned.

The Passion Pittiest Song: "Down and Out," The Griswolds

We can all be a little wistful for 2009 together, right? When "Sleepyhead" drifted in and out of our laziest summer days and bands like MGMT ruled the airwaves? "Down and Out" by The Griswolds is the best Passion Pit song that group never released, and it's just the dose of short-term nostalgia you need to get through the end of this too-grim season.

The Too-Late Song of Summer: "Somebody to You," The Vamps f/ Demi Lovato

The Vamps! Where were you earlier this summer? We needed you when we were struggling for a Song of Summer! (One that isn't "Fancy," at least.) While the British band released their collaboration with Demi Lovato in the UK earlier this summer, they're arriving stateside a little too late. It's a shame, too: "Somebody to You" is catchy as hell, pure joy in bouncy anthem form. Better luck next summer, guys.

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