New Music Tuesday: How Hilary Got Her Groove Back

Spotify's new additions today include a country hunk, a gorgeous songstress, and a pop princess rallying for the top.

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Every Tuesday, Spotify posts a slew of new music available to stream. But with so many singles out there, how can you know what's worthwhile? Each week, The Wire will break down which songs you need to hear, which are delectable hate-listens, and which should find a home on your personal playlists. Click the song title to open it on Spotify – or jam out immediately by pressing play on the accompanying YouTube and Soundcloud players.

The Welcome Back Track"All About You," Hilary Duff

We've made no secret of our Hilary Duff fandom here at The Wire, but the first song of her comeback was a sad heaping of Colbie Caillat leftovers. Luckily, her second effort, "All About You," is a total jam. It really does seem like a modern, fresh version of Duff's signature early-Aughts sound. Sure, there's some pop Taylor Swift in there, but if Duff had stayed relevant, couldn't you see her doing a "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"? Well, here it is – we just got it later than we were expecting.

The New Hot Hunk of Country Music"Break Up in a Small Town," Sam Hunt

Country music's next favorite son, 29-year-old Sam Hunt, took an interesting tour to breaking out. He was a quarterback at the University of Alabama, did a brief stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, and has written songs for artists like Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. Earlier this year, he had a hit with the very typically bro country "Leave the Night On." Of the two new songs he has on Spotify today, one is very much in that same mold ("House Party"). The other, however, is this part-spoken word, dubstep-inspired, highly clever ditty about what happens when your relationship goes south in a tiny town. It's got the best storytelling elements of country music, but reshapes them into an oddly catchy jam. Great even for the country agnostics out there.

The Stunning Slow Jam: "Clean," TIAAN

Who is TIAAN? The Australian-born songstress is still waiting to break out, but if she keeps producing work like "Clean," she won't be in the shadows for long. This is a gorgeous techno-influenced slow jam, sublimely minimal in production and performance. "Clean" is understated luxury in song form – and pop music needs more of that.

The Song to Refresh Your Spirit: "Something's Missing," Sheppard

Sometimes, the simplest indie pop pleasures are the best ones. As summer comes to an end, Sheppard's "Something's Missing" is the perfect sing-a-long you need to transition into autumn. It's uncomplicated, delightful, and refreshing. Have you heard songs like it before? Sure! But that doesn't make it bad – in fact, it makes it quite comforting.

The Falsetto-iest Single of the Week: "Hope This Makes You Love Me," Tank

Tank, the R&B singer who very well may be an alternate universe form of Maxwell, spends almost all 5+ minutes of this song exploring the range of his falsetto. We do not mind the journey. His tone is just splendid, always aurally appealing without reaching into screeching. The song's production is also quite pretty, but Tank's otherworldly vocal is the star here.

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.