New Music Tuesday: Eminem and Sia Storm Into the Game

Also new to Spotify this week: Jessie Ware, The New Pornographers, Maroon 5, and more.

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Every Tuesday, Spotify posts a slew of new music available to stream. But with so many singles out there, how can you know what's worthwhile? Each week, The Wire will break down which songs you need to hear, which are delectable hate-listens, and which should find a home on your personal playlists. Click the song title to open it on Spotify – or jam out immediately by pressing play on the accompanying YouTube and Soundcloud players.

Collaboration of the Week: "Guts Over Fear," Eminem f/ Sia

If this isn't a "The Monster"-sized hit, we'll eat our hats. Eminem's gotten good at these rap/sung collaborations late in his career, but has usually chosen Rihanna to accompany him (to great success). Sia's a fresh, relevant choice, and their performances stand in strong contrast. Sia, like her voice, is strong and defiant. Eminem is exploring where he belongs in a redefined hip-hop world, and sounds more contemplative. It's a great collaboration, and deserves all the radio spins.

What's Making Us Weep: "Say You Love Me," Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware, how dare you. We are at work right now. We have no time to sob openly on our keyboards. Your vocal is too beautiful, and your words evoke too many feelings. Sure, we'll go listen to this on repeat in the privacy of our own homes, but this is a lot for us to process right now. "Say You Love Me" is incredibly evocative and gorgeous. And no, we don't need a tissue. Well, maybe one.

Pleasantly Surprising Song: "Fantasy Fools," The New Pornographers

Admittedly, we don't expect much out of The New Pornographers these days – their schtick has been replicated to detrimental effect by bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. So it's wonderfully surprising to hear something so bouncy and enjoyable from them. "Fantasy Fools" may not be their most innovative work, but it's a blast. Just try not to tap your foot along as you listen.

Track to Make You Clap Along: "If I Go," Ella Eyre

The debut single for the English singer-songwriter has been out for a good portion of the summer, but it's just now hitting Spotify. That means now's the chance to make it the giant hit it so richly deserves to be. Ella Eyre's voice has such a gorgeous tone, with delicate aches and rasps at the edges. "If I Go" is the perfect blend of bouncy pop and deeper soul.

The Hope for What Could Have Been: "Animals," Maroon 5

How did we get here, Maroon 5? What happened to your glory days? Do you remember when you wrote "She Will Be Loved," one of the loveliest pop ballads of the Aughts? What about "This Love," do you remember that? Did we love Adam Levine too much to where he thought he could be the star of a mostly-useless backup band? Whatever the case, "Animals" is more of the same from this new version of the group that brought you "Payphone" and "One More Night." It's the only single they've released recently that hearkens back to their better days, and it's still quite a bit too far off. It just reminds us what could have been.

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