New Haim Video 'My Song 5' Features A$AP Ferg, Everyone Else

The band best known for "The Wire" brings out the big guns with celebrity cameos from Kesha, Ezra Koenig, and Vanessa Bayer.

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Are we ready to love Haim? Hold that thought, because the trio of sisters from SoCal aren't waiting for our response. They are here to be loved, and they've brought some friends along for the ride.

The band released their video for new single "My Song 5 (Remix)," their collaboration with rapper A$AP Ferg, and it is a treasure trove of celebrity cameos. The video itself is set up like a Jerry Springer variant from the '90s – real people, outrageous secrets revealed, etc. – but the host, Dallas Murphy, is Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer. (The secrets are just as outrageous.) One of her first guests: Kesha!

She's in love with her cat!

The other cameos are less blatant, but still stellar. Technopop wonder Grimes chats with frontwoman Danielle Haim backstage:

And the audience includes quick shots of Big Sean and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig:

Beyond just the cameos, though, the video is a well-plotted send-up of the ridiculous dramas these kinds of shows see. Bassist Este Haim is attracted to mimes, for instance, and the audience goes after her ex-boyfriend for his freak-out. And A$AP Ferg, whose verse is the reason for the remix, finds out his woman is cheating with another woman.

But the one person whose dilemma we don't learn of is Danielle's – she heads into the set just as the video ends. What absurdity will she bring? We can only guess.

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