Mike Birbiglia Joins 'Orange is the New Black,' Probably Not to Do Standup Comedy

The Sleepwalk With Me comedian is aiming for ultimate "hey, it's that guy!" status.

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Comedian/actor Mike Birbiglia is the latest addition to Orange is the New Black's third season, taking a recurring role in Netflix's crown jewel alongside other new cast members Mary Steenburgen and Blair Brown. It's the latest stop on the road to superstardom for the hangdog stand-up, who has long been a favorite of the This American Life crowd and wrote and directed an indie hit in 2012 when he translated his one-man show Sleepwalk With Me to the screen.

Birbiglia was basically only a name in stand-up, building up his reputation with Sleepwalk With Me in theaters and on NPR, but now it feels like he's everywhere. He was on an episode of Girls, played the group therapy leader in The Fault in Our Stars, and we should all be looking forward to his role as "Inspector" in the upcoming Annie (a.k.a. everyone's most anticipated Christmas blockbuster). Birbigs already has three 2015 film roles booked, including Judd Apatow's Trainwreck and the latest Joe Swanberg movie, and he's currently on a 100-city stand-up tour.

With Orange is the New Black added to his belt (and the role is clearly significant enough considering the attention his casting has gotten), Birbiglia is aiming for ubiquitous "hey, it's that guy again!" status. Being on Netflix's most-watched show will certainly help him be recognized in living rooms around the world.

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