Justin Bieber Repeatedly Humiliated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Today in celebrity gossip: More fallout from the infamous Ibiza restaurant throwdown, plus Lana Del Rey may be dating James Franco, and behind the scenes Scientology drama at Dancing With the Stars.

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Today in celebrity gossip: More fallout from the infamous Ibiza restaurant throwdown, plus Lana Del Rey may be dating James Franco, and behind the scenes Scientology drama at Dancing With the Stars.

The news item that future generations will read about in leather-bound tomes marked with gold-leafed letters "LEGENDS" just keeps producing new and exciting angles. Yes, the Ibiza restaurant scuffle between elfin warrior Orlando Bloom and goblin royalty Justin Bieber was initially intriguing for how A-list it all sounded. Early reports had other big celebrities like P. Diddy and Leonardo DiCaprio not only in attendance but actually APPLAUDING Bloom's efforts to rearrange Bieber's face. Now a woman who was there, 20-year-old Spanish model Anastasia Skolkova, tells The Mirror that Orlando Bloom's dinner companion Leonardo DiCaprio may have helped incite the incident by openly humiliating Bieber in front of everybody:

Bieber said something to DiCaprio - I don’t know exactly what, because it was seven or eight metres away. Leo brushed his hands at him, like, I don’t care what you say. Yeah, he flicked him away.

At that point, obviously, an injury-free scuffle ensued when Orlando Bloom jumped over a booth and gave chase. But The Mirror points out that DiCaprio's curt dismissal of Bieber's existence was only the latest in a series of such slights. For example at the most recent Cannes festival, Bieber was partying shirtless in a nightclub and sent his people over to where DiCaprio was sitting in order to see if he wanted to "party" with Bieber.

Justin was nodding and smiling in Leo's direction, but Leo just shook his head no and waved him off. He thinks Justin's a little twit.

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Meanwhile, throwing punches at beligerrent pop stars isn't the only way Orlando Bloom's been generating headlines in paradise. Page Six reports that there's also some major romantic intrigue going on his life at the moment, as Bloom was spotted "frolicking" with Erica Packer, the ex-wife of Australian billionaire James Packer. Because in some kind of weird, Zalman King-esque twist, it appears James Packer is currently dating Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Kerr, of course, was the object of Bieber's lewd remarks, as they allegedly hooked up while Kerr and Bloom were still married. And Bloom, of course, has been rumored to have dated Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. It's almost like we need a flowchart to keep track of all this? Oh, cool, Gawker has one. [Page Six]

Meanwhile, though she's not directly involved in the current Bieber-Bloom beef, many are invoking Selena Gomez's possible romance with Bloom from last spring as a motivating factor and she is NOT having it. According to TMZ (which we can understand to be a frequent relayer of personally procured celebrity statements), Gomez never dated Bloom, and even that photograph of the two smoking on a curb together was an out-of-context moment wherein the two each had groups of friends nearby who were cropped out. "It was nothing more than a smoke break." So there you have it. TMZ says that Selena Gomez "did NOT bang Orlando Bloom" and Selena Gomez would like everyone to know this with certainty. [TMZ]

When it comes to celebrity romances, the main evidence of a bourgeoning romance is that two celebrities were spotted in the vicinity of one another. The only confirmation more official than that is a signed and notarized marriage license. So yes, Lana Del Rey and James Franco are definitely, definitely dating, and we know this because she attended an after party for his movie premiere. Yes, this was an event attended by many people, and no, the two were never spotted together at any point, but listen: The party was in James Franco's penthouse suite! And also "Del Rey was spotted waiting till the crowd thinned a bit to head up to the bash." How much more evidence do you need? The next question we have now is what kind of china patterns the two will decide on for their wedding reception? Like obviously Franco likes blue and white Oriental designs while Lana Del Rey will probably opt for an ironic styrofoam plate motif. Compromise will be tough, but at least they have the strong bond of a 100% real and happening romance to carry them through it. [Page Six]

Despite whatever spiritual benefits it claims to specialize in, we all know that Scientology has one especially huge specialty: DRAMA. Resident Dancing With the Stars hunk Maksim Chmerkovskiy recently appeared on Andy Cohen's basement webseries Watch What Happens: Live where he lamented that he and former DWTS contestant Kirstie Alley are no longer friends. The reason? Complicated but juicily star-studded. See, ever since Leah Remini renounced her membership to the church (which caused Alley to publicly deem Remini a "bigot"), she's been hanging out with bestie Jennifer Lopez way more. So that obviously put Chmerkovskiy in an awkward situation with Alley when he began dating Lopez. See what I'm saying? Complicated. Anyway, yeah:

[Kirstie Alley] stopped getting along with me ... We had a great relationship … But I got a message now that I am associating with other people that she can’t be associated with, I am no longer to be spoken with, and sorry, but it is what it is.

Let this be a lesson to anybody pursuing a friendship with Kirstie Alley: Do not also be friends with Jennifer Lopez. Also, for the record, Chmerkovskiy has a delightful view of Scientology:

I am not judging people by their religion. I’m Jewish. I don’t really believe in science fiction, but whatever.

[Page Six]

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