John Oliver Destroyed the Internet's Tendency Towards Hyperbole, Plus a Piñata

The HBO host absolutely eviscerated a candy-carrying papier-mache animal while poking fun at headlines about his show.

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John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight team are on a two-week break, but before they went away, they left us a present: an absolutely slammedtotally eviscerated piñata.

In a web-exclusive clip, Oliver had a bit of fun with news sites' tendency to recap Oliver and his compatriot Jon Stewart's shows with hyperbolic headlines – a trend former Wire writer Zach Schonfeld pointed out over at Newsweek. He wanted those headlines to be true, so he sets about annihilating a piñata.

"Up until this point, I've just made some deservedly mean jokes," Oliver said, disputing that the words headline writers use to describe his show mean anything close to what he's actually doing. "But now ... I will literally destroy [piñatas]."

Watch the clip above to see the total decimation of a papier-mache animal. "Did that look as good as it felt?" he yelled with a laugh.

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