'Horns' Trailer: Harry Potter's Doing Something Different with His Hair

Lightning bolt, horns – it's all really the same for Daniel Radcliffe, right?

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Daniel Radcliffe's post-Harry Potter career has been an interesting one. He's done horror, gay romance, straight romance, and Broadway. So of course, the next natural step is "fantasy thriller where the lead grows devil's horns."

Appropriately titled Horns, Radcliffe's new film sees him in a role where his girlfriend dies under mysterious circumstances, and he's suspected in her murder and rape. His character Ig grows – what else? – horns out of his forehead that give him the power to learn people's deepest secrets.

The film, directed by Pirahna 3D helmer Alexandre Aja, is based on the same-titled novel by Joe Hill. It will, quite appropriately, be released on Halloween.

Watch the UK version of the trailer above, and take your guesses as to what exactly that strange moment at the end means.

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