The Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Appears to Have Leaked to YouTube

After a leaked script caused the film and its director so much heartache, it's only appropriate (or intentional?) that the trailer would get bootlegged as well.

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Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Western The Hateful Eight has been in the works since at least around the time of the smash-hit, Oscar-winning success of 2012’s Django Unchained. Its title was revealed in January of this year, with Tarantino gearing up for production in the summer. Then the script leaked onto the internet and Tarantino said that he was so hurt by the process that he would never film The Hateful Eight as some sort of giant cosmic revenge on Internet movie spoiler culture.

That view eventually softened after Tarantino held a live script read in Los Angeles with Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, James Parks, Amber Tamblyn and Kurt Russell reading the titular eight roles; filming is now set to begin early next year. The trailer is thus entirely lacking in footage and leans on atmosphere and, uh, counting to whet our appetite. Publicity and marketing waits for no man, and so it appears that a teaser trailer is already about to be pushed into theaters. That trailer appears to have leaked onto YouTube.

Per Screen Crush:

While ‘The Hateful Eight‘ doesn’t even begin filming until early next year (headed for a December 2015 release date), we got word last week that the first trailer would be attached to prints of ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For‘ in theaters this week. Which is cool! But, we also got word that the trailer wouldn’t be appearing online. That’s not so cool.

That trailer is here. It certainly looks like it was bootlegged from a screening and posted online. Or else that's how it's supposed to look, and this is all a well-planned bit of viral marketing.

Either way, who knows how long this video stays un-yanked on YouTube, so here's a bit of a rundown.

The first part of the trailer is lopped off, because whoever recorded it didn't get his phone out in time/the viral marketing wizards thought it would look more authentic this way. From context clues, we think we can safely assume that first title card said something along the lines of "Eight People." What follows, card by card:

  • Were stranded by a blizzard
  • They soon discovered
  • They shared a deadly connection
  • [blood spatter]
  • A new film by Quentin Tarantino
  • [then we start to name the titular Eight]
  • 1. Major Marquis Warren "The Bounty Hunter"
  • 2. JohnRuth "The Hangman"
  • 3. Daisy Domergue "The Prisoner"
  • 4. Chris Mannix "The Sheriff"
  • 5. Bob "The Mexican"
  • 6. Oswald Mobray "The Little Man"
  • 7. Joe Gage "The Cow Puncher"
  • 8. General Sandy Smithers "The Confederate"
  • [purported tagline:] 8 Makes Hate
  • [title of film:] The Hateful 8
  • From Academy Award Winner Quentin Tarantino
  • See it in glorious 70 mm {Super Cinemascope}
  • 2015
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