'Guardians of the Galaxy' Is Beloved by the Box Office Universe

Welcome to the Box Office Report, where 'Guardians' rule and 'Get On Up' stay down.

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where 'Guardians' rule and 'Get On Up' stay down.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy (Buena Vista): $94 million in 4,080 theaters.

Whoa. From Vin Diesel's unheralded voice acting skills to a debate on star Chris Pratt's funny-versus-hot quotient, we've thrown ample attention at Guardians of the Galaxy. Add our strong review of this Marvel blockbuster in with the rest of the critical lot and audiences which almost universally loved this irreverent action flick. America has responded, leaving the major release (both in 2-D and 3-D) just shy of the $100 million mark on opening weekend. Not bad for a flick with no major stars in the leads, you know, at least in any recognizable form.

2. Lucy (Universal): $18.3 million in 3,203 theaters.

After capturing the box office title last week, Lucy took a pretty big tumble in its sophomore weekend, dropping nearly 60 percent. This could be because Guardians loomed so large, but also because Lucy did unexpectedly well in its opening weekend (more than making back its $40 million budget with a domestic only release). Or maybe its middling reviews caught up with it.

3. Get On Up (Universal): $14 million in 2,468 theaters.

We found this long-gestating James Brown biopic a little overdetermined in its attempt to cover the entire span of the famous singer's life. But the crowds and reviewers mostly seemed happy. Chadwick Boseman lives up to the hype as the leading man.

4. Hercules (Paramount): $10.7 million in 3,595 theaters.

Last week, we called Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson an indestructible Hollywood force, eminently forgivable no matters his failings or duds. We may have found the exception in Hercules. Just a week after a surprisingly strong opening, the flick sank by over 60 percent.

5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Fox): $8.7 million in 3,283 theaters.

Dawn continues to hang around. After a huge opening weekend, we're pleased to see this sequel on the list after five weeks. With international sales included, Dawn should pass the half-billion mark next weekend. That's a lot of bananas or something.

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