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Remember when Jon Stewart took a bunch of weeks off The Daily Show to go direct a movie? Well, it's coming out this fall, and it sure looks serious, telling the true story of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-born Canadian journalist who was arrested and imprisoned for 118 days on specious charges after covering the contested 2009 Iranian elections.

Bahari had appeared on Stewart's show and later wrote a book about his experience called Then They Came For Me, which Stewart adapted into this film. The reviews out of the Venice Film Festival, where Rosewater premiered this week, are positive if mild—the Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy said it would "pass in the night with only scant notice" if it weren't for its famous director, and Variety's Scott Foundas called it "alternately sober and darkly funny," although this trailer seems to focus more on the "sober" part.

Rosewater is out in the U.S. in November, and is being distributed by Open Road Films. 

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