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We're still firmly ensconced in our Shailene Woodley Moment, so it's time for her to subvert our expectations. Enter White Bird in a Blizzard, Gregg Araki's new thriller adapted from a Laura Kasischke novel.

The film stars Hollywood's favorite woodland nymph as a girl whose mother disappears. The mother, played by Eva Green, is a little unstable – Woodley's character Kat describes her mother as potentially "going mad."

But her disappearance doesn't really affect Kat until her college years, when she goes home to visit her father (Christopher Meloni, mustachioed and sad).

The trailer's biggest thrill is in how it reveals the strong cast one by one, in minor flashes. Is that Gabourey Sidibe? Oh my God, Angela Bassett as Kat's therapist? Araki has stacked his deck with great actors, and early notices from when it played Sundance Film Festival were solid. We're intrigued – and ready for the Shailene Woodley Moment to enter its next act.

White Bird in a Blizzard opens October 24.

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