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Meine Damen und Herren, the Kit Kat Club is getting an new Sally Bowles: Emma Stone. Patrick Healy of the New York Times reported today that a spokesman for the Roundabout Theater Company's Cabaret revival confirmed that Stone is in talks to join Alan Cumming in the revival, replacing Michelle Williams as that perfectly marvelous, self destructive showgirl. 

Stone joining would bring the revival full circle. The actress was originally connected to the show, but the Times reported in May 2013 that she had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict with a feature film. Williams eventually took on the role, and opened to mixed reviews. Ben Brantley wrote in his review that Williams didn't "look all that happy to be there." He continued: "I’m assuming that’s more a matter of character interpretation than of personal discomfort, but it does put sort of a damper on the festivities." 

In some ways Stone's exuberance seems like a more natural fit for Sally, a character who uses bravado to mask vulnerability. Still, Stone's work in period films like the recent Magic in the Moonlight has left something to be desired, and she would have to master a British accent for the part.

She can, however, belt a tune. 

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