Congress' Failure Lives Up to Jon Stewart's 'Extremely Low Expectations'

The Daily Show-described "Sharknado of Government" went on recess without passing almost any necessary legislation. Is anyone surprised?

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Congress just headed on August vacation, so you'd assume they got a lot done before they left. That is, of course, if you recently woke up from a deep slumber and had no idea who was currently in Congress. Those who have been paying attention, like Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team, would know that they were going to get absolutely nothing productive done.

Such failure isn't disappointing to Stewart, of course. "It is just you living up to our extremely low expectations of you," he told Congress on last night's show. "You are the Sharknado of government."

What did they get done? They filed suit against the president, which Stewart compared to a child getting their dessert before finishing their vegetables (in this case, passing actual laws).

But Republicans in Congress firmly believe President Barack Obama has overstepped his boundaries and engaged in tyranny – and tyranny must be responded to. After all, as Stewart noted, history has proven that "the only way to depose of a tyrant is through a civil lawsuit."

So the lawsuit moves forward! Congress had to get something done before they left, though. As one congressman noted (and The Daily Show pointed out), they are currently less popular than hair lice – and it doesn't appear to be getting any better.

"Hang in there, pubic lice," Stewart said. "Congress keeps going the way it's going, you'll get your shot."

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