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 Beyoncé and Jay Z's tour movie is headed to HBO with a bang – or should we say a "Bang Bang"? (We should actually say a "beyng beyng.")

In a new teaser trailer for the "On the Run" concert film, Queen Bey sings a seductive cover of "Bang Bang" – the Cher song, not the Ariana Grande one – in a shiny dress and sultry tone. Her husband, smoking, watches her perform, in a riff on Yoncé's "Partition" video.

What does it all mean? Probably something crazy! Starting with that first cinematic trailer for the concert – starring Blake Lively and Rashida Jones, naturally – everything about this tour has been the exact kind of ridiculousness we expect from the Carters.

Elsewhere in the trailer, there's some quick-cut footage of the concert itself, which wrapped the U.S. leg of its tour earlier this month. Highlights from the tour: Beyoncé singing the hook on Jay Z's "Holy Grail" in place of Justin Timberlake. Her headline-making cover of Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor." And of course, the couple found time to perform "Drunk in Love."

Bey's shot down a place in our viewing calendar, that's for sure. The movie hits HBO Sept. 20.

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