Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Kiss for the Cameras

Today in celebrity gossip: Two celebrities with zero rumors about their sexuality have found love, Sofia Vergara is dating Joe Manganiello, and Carly-Rae Jepsen may or may not be pawning purses to survive.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Two celebrities with zero rumors about their sexuality have found love, Sofia Vergara is dating Joe Manganiello, and Carly-Rae Jepsen may or may not be pawning purses to survive.

True love takes on many forms—the look of pride shared by parents of a thriving child; a gentle embrace in the entryway of a retirement home—but the most common is probably when two celebrities cavort on a yacht in plain view of paparazzi. That's why life is currently very sweet for actors Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, two people who have never once been plagued by rumors of homosexuality and would therefore have nothing to gain career-wise from dating one another in some kind of quid pro quo "bearding" scenario, so don't even bring it up. After what feels like weeks of hanging out together in Italy filming Instagram videos and impromptu dance numbers, the Efron and Rodriguez have finally, officially been spotted making out in plain view of paparazzi and Daily Mail has the stirring photo series to prove it. Among Daily Mail's totally not-weird captions for these extremely natural and romantic photos? "Zac leaned in to kiss 35-year-old Michelle, who was seen puckering up her lips in preparation for the passionate kiss" and also "the actress was seen lying on Zac as he stroked her raven-coloured locks." Of course, not even a perfect romance such as this one was without its proverbial bumps in the road. For instance: "Not content with her and Zac's PDA, Michelle went on a mini adventure" by climbing up their yacht's mast for some reason and "when Zac didn't have his hands all over Michelle, he was clenching his fist to showcase his muscles." But don't worry, the two lovers were soon reunited in a scenario that could be described as nothing less than epic: "Michelle also had a grab of Zac's muscly chest as she walked past him on the boat." Ladies and gentlemen, true love emerges victorious once again. Never lose faith. [Daily Mail]

Rejoice! Cupid didn't fire ALL his arrows into Zac Efron's muscly chest! Modern Family's sexy cartoon person Sofia Vergara has apparently rebounded from her most recent breakup by gettin' with True Blood's sexy cartoon person Joe Manganiello! According to Page Six, the pair were spotted hunkering down together in a New Orleans restaurant where Vergara had been filming a movie nearby. This, after they'd allegedly met and flirted at the White House Correspondents' Dinner earlier this year where a source reported that "there is a big mutual attraction" between the two. So that's it then. Confirmed! Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are dating and theirs is probably the romance of the century and all that's left for us to speculate about is just what kind of zany sound effects the two emit while making love. Because they are Roger Rabbit characters basically. Congratulations, everybody! Stay away from that toxic waste. [Page Six]

Carly-Rae Jepsen, singer of "Call Me Maybe" (our generation's "Amazing Grace") is allegedly almost broke! According to a couple of highly disreputable gossip blogs, including something called Crazy Days and Nights and also Uproxx, Jepsen was recently spotted at a New York pawn shop attempting to sell a designer handbag worth $25,000. The story goes that the owner refused to buy the bag as he couldn't confirm it wasn't a knock-off, so Jepsen removed a few pieces of jewelry to sweeten the deal. Anyway, it's a patently ridiculous story for a number of reasons, but schadenfreude enthusiasts everywhere ate it up. For the record, Jepsen herself disagreed with the rumor on two counts:

Get your facts straight, dubious gossip blogs! Carly-Rae Jepsen is a celebrity who would never pay for a $25,000 purse (though she doesn't specify her current views on accepting freebies or participating in gifting suites), but also she couldn't have failed to pawn a purse because she was just in Canada performing at Justin Bieber's manager's wedding!

Yep, performing at Justin Bieber's manager's wedding is definitely something a not-broke singer would do. (Fun fact: Tom Hanks was also in attendance for some reason.) So there you have it. Carly-Rae Jepsen is probably not destitute. YET. []

I guess people were laughing at a Vine that somehow showed how awkward Victoria Beckham and Samuel L. Jackson were toward each other at the recent Wimbledon men's final?

But, uh, guys, that is six seconds taken totally out of context. Who knows what was going through her mind when that footage was taken? Maybe she'd just had a terrible flashback of what Scary Spice's dressing room used to smell like. Second of all, Samuel L. Jackson has now officially disputed it:

That's right, Samuel L. Jackson had a ball sitting next to Victoria Beckham, she is truly lovely, and STFU!! [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, somebody's been craftin'!

(Miley Cyrus has been craftin'.)

Here's Lady Gaga, just relaxing around the house:

Meanwhile Austin Mahone's car seems pretty chill:

Madonna 'grammed this photo from jury duty, apparently to prove that she actually showed up to jury duty. (Though TMZ reports she merely hid in the clerk's private office until she was dismissed.)

Last and most, Kellan Lutz went to the beach!

Did Kellan Lutz wrestle an orca or punch a wave directly back into Neptune's kingdom? The caption doesn't say.

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