Yahoo May Draft 'Enlisted' for a Second Chance Season

Enlisted may be pulling a Community.

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Enlisted may be pulling a Community.

Deadline is reporting that Fox's canceled comedy Enlisted may find a new home at Yahoo's streaming service Yahoo Screen, and that "talks are under way" between the company and Fox executives.

Though the show saw low ratings, it faced an uphill battle from the start: Fox placed it in an unenviable Friday night time slot, shuffled episode orders which left plot threads dangling, and pulled it before its 13 episodes finished airingSeries creator Kevin Biegel even rallied fans to watch the final four episodes, but Fox refused to renew the show.

If true, the revival will be well-received by the loyal and passionate fan base of the critical darling about three brothers and at an Army base starring Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young. After Community landed at Yahoo, fans tweeted the company to take Enlisted:

Nothing has been confirmed, but Biegel did tweet his enthusiasm for the move:

Whatever the result, looks like it's time to have a healthy cry for Enlisted.

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