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The worst defeat in World Cup history meant windfalls for a few wild gamblers. Germany's semifinal massacre left Brazil stunned, but also forced a few bookmakers to pay out some outrageous winners. The popular online betting exchange Betfair, which allows any user to establish their own wagers, had only one person offering a bet on that exact score... at 999-to-1 odds.

In total, a confirmed eight "punters" made a bet that Germany would score seven goals to Brazil's measly one. Paddy Power had four people who placed the wager, with one Essex better placing £5 on the score and walking away with £2,505. Australia betting site TAB reported one gambler earning $500 for his correct prediction. And finally, back at England-based Betfair, spokesman Barry Orr said three winners wagered a total of $11 and cashed out a whopping $11,000. 

"The guys I feel sorry for are the punters who had 31 pounds [$53 U.S.] at 999-1 on 7-0 Germany," Orr told ESPN.

Even more impressive: These betters managed to predict the wildest outcome (from a statistical standpoint) in World Cup history. Eight people is almost enough to make a soccer team. FIFA should just give the Cup to them for winning big.

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