Will Colin Farrell Get a 'True Detective' Career Revival?

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The latest in True Detective rumors is that Colin Farrell might star in the second season of HBO's anthology series. Considering that True Detective coincided with Matthew McConaughey's career revival, could Farrell be in the midst of something similar?

All of the Hollywood trades are reporting in some form that Farrell is in talks to take on one of the mysterious lead roles in the upcoming season. In an interview with The Daily Beast's Andrew Romano yesterday, following a raft of Emmy nominations for the show's first season, creator Nic Pizzolatto said there are "four central roles." The Wrap is reporting that Taylor Kitsch is the "leading candidate for the younger male lead." 

Farrell, meanwhile, could certainly use some of the McConaughey mojo, associated with the project. 

Farrell's path isn't exactly the same as McConaughey's, but he has also been commonly regarded as a good actor who often gets mired in bad studio projects. This could be a very good year for Farrell if True Detective is on deck, and Liv Ullmann's Miss Julie, also starring Jessica Chastain, gets a U.S. release date. 

The news that Farrell could take on the lead role, throws some cold water on the hope that Pizzolatto would focus on women in season two, after receiving criticism for his treatment of female characters in the first season. When asked whether any of the four leads would be women by Romano, Pizzolatto said: "You’ll have to wait and see." 

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