Which 'Game of Thrones' Actors Have the Best Shot at a Movie Career?

The odds are on Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, but could the younger Starks surprise? 

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Today the trailer dropped for Another Me, which is the film debut of Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark. Despite its prestige European director (Isabel Coixet) it looks like pretty standard stuff—a psychological thriller about a young woman being chased by some sort of double. What does it all mean? More importantly, though, does this signal the beginning of Turner's career, or will it sink and vanish without a trace? Four years in to Game of Thrones, we're starting to see its younger cast members branch out into starring roles for the first time, but so far they haven't made much of an impact. Who has the best shot?

Sophie Turner: 6/1

A couple years ago, I wouldn't have given Sophie much of a shot, mostly because Sansa was not the most dynamic character on Thrones (although I've always liked her performance). But the role has really grown over the last season, and her canny alliance with Littlefinger, complete with feathered black dress, suddenly had a lot more people paying attention. Another Me is a step in the right direction re: choice of director, but will likely be released without much attention. Just keep picking good directors to work with, Sophie.

Maisie Williams: 5/2

Arya Stark is probably Thrones' most popular character alongside Tyrion (Peter Dinklage, who's been in this game a long time now). And directors are always looking for proven young actors to work with, so Maisie's probably going to get a shot at a couple nice projects. Her first is a thriller called Heatstroke, co-starring Stephen Dorff (red flag), and it doesn't look like much. But she apparently shot this after making the first season of Thrones, when she didn't even know how big the show would be. Aim higher next time, Maisie, and you'll be in good shape.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright: 9/1

Bran was just the most beautiful kid in the first season of Thrones. Remember what a cherub he was, climbing the Winterfell walls? As the show has progressed, Hempstead-Wright has aged the most obviously—the show has costumed/hairstyled around Arya and Sansa growing up, but it's pretty obvious Bran is in the thick of puberty. He's actually been in some movies already, like the 2013 surveillance thriller Closed Circuit, but it's hard to tell what kind of presence Hempstead-Wright is gonna exude in a couple years. Right now he's still very much "awkward teen."

Emilia Clarke: 2/1

Of the Thrones cast members who were basically unknown when the show began, Clarke immediately stood out as someone who might get Hollywood's attention. Daenerys is such a meaty role, commanding lots of screen-time, and Clarke has been lauded for it (she's the only actor on this list nominated for an Emmy). She has wisely bided her time, not leaping at the first January action movie Hollywood tossed her way, and now she has a major project on the horizon: she'll be playing Sarah Connor in Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genesis, a kinda-sorta reboot that still stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. It could always flop, but it's the closest thing anyone on this list has to a sure thing.

Kit Harington: 4/1

Lord Jon Snow has already tucked not one, but two big-budget action movies under his belt since starting work on Thrones. He was in Silent Hill: Revelation, the sequel no one asked for, and followed that up this year with Paul W.S. Anderson's ancient epic Pompeii. Neither made much box-office impact, and Pompeii could be called an out-and-out bomb, grossing $23 million domestically against a $100 million budget (which it just barely earned back worldwide). Look, Kit—we get how exciting it is to be offered these roles, and it's good to get your handsome face out there, but be a little more discerning with the scripts. You've got the gams, now find something to show off your talents.

Gwendoline Christie: Even

I mean, she's in the new Star Wars. That's pretty good.

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