Wheelchair-Bound Justin Bieber Cut All the Lines at Disneyland

Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber experiences Disneyland the best way he knew how, Ariana Grande hides her grandfather's death from her Big Brother contestant brother, and Naya Rivera went and got married.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber experiences Disneyland the best way he knew how, Ariana Grande hides her grandfather's death from her Big Brother contestant brother, and Naya Rivera went and got married.

Nobody can dispute that Justin Bieber is the coolest, toughest, hardest, most bad-ass celebrity alive. Everything about him, from his beautiful, not-at-all-awful tattoos to his #swag fashion sense, to his predilection for pharmacy-grade buzzes just screams next-level awesome. Heck, Justin Bieber's so hardcore that he doesn't even have to break 20 M.P.H. in his rented Lambo to get pulled over for speeding. But just because Justin Bieber is unparallelled when it comes to his hangin'-tough persona, that doesn't mean that he won't occasionally demand to be pushed around a children's theme park in a wheelchair for almost no reason, you know? TMZ reports that on Sunday Bieber was spotted around Disneyland taking pictures with fans while seated in a borrowed wheelchair in which he was pushed around by handlers. Everybody knows that Disneyland allows its disabled guests to cut the lines at any rides that can accommodate them, so, you know, congrats to Justin Bieber for FINALLY getting an advantage in life. But TMZ points out that at Disneyland extreme fame also qualifies as a disability and he would've been spirited to the fronts of the lines even without the wheelchair. But what they fail to consider is that maybe the famous-people lines are themselves pretty long and Justin Bieber just figured out how to cut in front of those guests as well? Imagine a frowning Courteney Cox and a green-eyed Kim Wayans just watching Justin Bieber roll on up to the front. "Clever girl." - Jurassic Park. Anyway, Bieber's people are claiming he'd had a bad knee after twisting it on the basketball court. So yeah, maybe we should stop hating on Justin Bieber for engaging in embarrassingly uncool behavior and start applauding him for his bravery in opting to go Disneyland after getting an ouchie during playtime? Something to consider. [TMZ]

If you aren't watching this season of Big Brother, that's most likely because a while back you decided that the premise was much too gauche and déclassé for your sensibilities, which, fair enough. But let me tell you, this season is actually a very good season! The people are intelligent and personable and funny, and the two hours of live feeds that air every night on TVGN are borderline riveting inasmuch as they provide an unvarnished glimpse into actual human behavior not typically afforded by allegedly more nuanced prestige dramas. Anyway, one of this season's breakout stars is Frankie Grande, a self-proclaimed YouTube Celebrity who is actually more notable for being the older brother of singer and former Sam & Cat star Ariana Grande. After about a month in the house he's managed to keep his relationship to Ariana Grande a secret (believing, I guess, that the other houseguests would assume he's wealthy and use that against him in a vote), but the tension of whether he'll let slip this information has been a recurring thread this season. This is all just lead-up to an actual news item that broke today: The unfortunate news that Frankie and Ariana Grande's grandfather has passed away and the fact that Ariana intends to keep it a secret from Frankie until he's out of the Big Brother house:

Aw. That is very sad. But also, what a weird story! Just every detail of this is unusual in a very 2014 kind of way. I will leave it to the grad students to write papers on the intersection between modern celebrity and basic human tragedy, but either way, hearts and flowers to the Grande family. [Page Six]

UPDATE: The Big Brother producers informed Frankie of his grandfather's death yesterday, via a letter from his family. You can follow the goings on via various spoiler sources on Twitter. If you're into that sort of thing. Which you might be.

Just because Naya Rivera was very likely fired from her regular role on Glee after clashing with Lea Michele on-set doesn't mean she's having a bad year. For one thing, she just straight-up ELOPED to Mexico with certified hunk Ryan Dorsey. People has some photos of her surprise nuptials and, spoiler, it doesn't appear that Lea Michele was in attendance. Weird, right? Congratulations to Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey, who are now officially doing that thing, what's it called again? Oh, right: Living the dream. [People]

It's not clear how closely you follow U.K. legal proceedings, but apparently last week during some tangentially related courtroom drama an audiotaped interview with the personal assistant of U.K. X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos had the assistant claiming that Simon Cowell was gay. This obviously raised eyebrows considering the famously forthright talent show judge is in a committed relationship with a woman and is also the father of a newborn child with her. So it's not like Simon Cowell was going to ignore that allegation. Here's the (admittedly pretty chill) response his lawyer fired off shortly after:

In 2014 the question of whether someone is or is not gay is antiquated. (As it happens he isn’t, though if he were, he would simply have said so.)

(Sure.) For his part the personal assistant then publicly recanted his claim in the taped interview: "This is not true. I do not know why I said it, but assume it is because I was so drunk." There you have it. Typical drunken rumor-mongering. [Page Six]

Headline presented without comment: "Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock Become BFFs After Meeting at Gwyneth Paltrow's Party" [Us Weekly]

When he's not defrauding Disneyland and disrespecting the disabled, Justin Bieber's all about sunnin' his guns.

Personally I've excused Miley Cyrus for all sorts of weird or questionable or tiresome behavior, but this crosses the line. Calling Brett Ratner one of her "favorite" directors is her most trollish, least forgivable move yet. No, Miley Cyrus.

Happy birthday to Selena Gomez! Let's hope she didn't fall onto this giant cake:

Here is Ian Somerhalder hanging out with a handsome ginger:

Finally, Kellan Lutz got artsy.

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