We Get Some Answers and Lots More Questions in the ‘Under the Dome’ Premiere

The pink stars make the dome a magnet! But who's this mystery girl in the water? And what's this Zenith tower?

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CBS’s Under the Dome probably shouldn’t exist this year—the idea of stretching a self-contained novel into an open-ended summer mystery series is just asking for trouble, since you have to keep finding new silly reasons to keep the mystery going. But CBS has decided it wants more Dome, so we’re getting more Dome, and the season two premiere (scripted by Stephen King!) gave us very few answers and lots more questions to rev us up for another summer in Chester’s Mill. Let’s begin with some answers:

The pink stars turned the dome into a giant magnet.

Yes! When Julia, in her infinite monarch wisdom, dumped the dome-egg into the water, it brought down a cascade of pink stars, which turned the dome opaque and magnetized it, causing all sorts of problems for people living on the outskirts (what with all the metal flying around) and knocking a bunch of people unconscious.

Chester’s Mill needs a new Sheriff.

Poor Sheriff Linda. She was, and I’m being kind, a very bad sheriff, easily manipulated by Big Jim and seemingly unaware that the local Councilman was a gun-wielding murderer. Still, her end was pathetically tragic—she gets squished by an SUV that is very slowly (then VERY QUICKLY) dragged into the dome.

Big Jim’s wife is alive.

Paula (Sherry Stringfield) supposedly killed herself after going bonkers and babbling about pink stars falling and the like. But then Junior has a magnetic vision of her in some strange city with a weird “Zenith” building, and at the end of the episode we see her chilling in a loft in a city outside the Dome, painting some new prophecy-painting of a door opening. Was Big Jim lying, or misled?

Angie is dead.

This one is sadly 100% confirmed. Angie (Britt Robertson) bought it in the episode’s cliffhanger, when she faced off against a mysterious axe-wielding villain in an abandoned school that splattered her blood all over the lockers. Too bad if Angie’s gone, since Robertson is one of the most competent actors on this show.

The Dome wants something, but who knows what.

This week, Big Jim gets locked in his basement with a vision of Dodee (who he killed last season) who tells him he has to learn the power of sacrifice. Jim takes this very literally and decides to hang himself in the town square, but Julia stops him, saying the Dome wants the killing to stop. Maybe, Julia, but who made you the boss of everything? Oh, right, a butterfly that landed on you one time.

So yeah, we got some answers, but this is Under the Dome. So we also got waaaaaay more new questions than we could have possibly wanted, just to keep things going.

Where has Eddie Cahill been?

And no, the answer isn’t CSI: NY. Cahill showed up as Sam Verdreaux, brother-in-law to Big Jim, who lives on the outskirts and keeps to himself, but maybe has a book of picture-prophecies his sister gave him? Anyway, what, he couldn’t pay one visit to his nephew last season after a freakin’ dome landed on their town?

What’s with the “Zenith” Building?

Junior’s vision mostly focused on his mother, but also saw him wandering around a strange city with a weird “Zenith” building that was very obviously inserted into the skyline using shaky CGI. Very Stephen King! Very Dark Tower! That snow globe filled with blood was also kinda cool.

Do we care about the new teacher lady?

Sheriff Linda might be gone, but we have a new character in Rebecca Pine (Karla Crome), who maybe helped defeat the Dome magnet by making a magnet of her own (maybe). She’s very nice and charming, and perhaps a new love interest for someone (Barbie?), but at least Sam has some mystery to him. Rebecca seems very dull.

How many times has Junior switched sides on his father now?

I’m gonna say about four hundred.

Why is everyone letting Big Jim just walk around and be friendly even though he keeps murdering people?

You got me.

Why did Julia swim out to rescue that mystery girl from the water when she had a boat right there?

Some monarch she is!

Who’s the mystery girl?

Worth noting: Julia dropped her precious egg into the lake one minute; the next she's fishing out a full-grown person. So ... mystery girl hatched from the egg? She's a Dome-Child of even more pure vintage than our precious handprint teens? Ugh, she’s probably just gonna raise more questions.

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