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Under the Dome Questions & Answers: Killer Caterpillars and a Murder Mystery

We ponder who killed Angie, why there's so many caterpillars, how everyone is letting Jim off the hook and just how useless Sam from the woods really is this week. 

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Under the Dome remains by far the silliest show on television, and this week it included clouds of butterflies, a gang of vigilante teens trying to dispense justice, a teacher setting whole farms on fire and, perhaps, evidence that the Dome was brought about by a rejected Romney clone (that last theory is all me, I’ll admit. What answers did we get from the Dome this week?

All those butterflies are coming from a whole lot of caterpillars.

For some reason, Chester’s Mill has been beset with butterflies since the dome landed, and they’re especially fond of crowding around Julia since she’s apparently the monarch (ugh, this show). They also crowd around poor dead Angie’s body, and they shower Joe and Norrie with their corpses when the teens start kissing. But where are they coming from? A whole lot of crop-eating caterpillars, that’s where! And they’re discovered by the teacher lady Rebecca, who has set up shop as the resident know-it-all. Why didn’t a farmer discover this? Who cares!

Barbie can fly a plane.

Rebecca somewhat rashly burns a field down with a fiery stick before they come up with a better solution to the caterpillars: crop-dustin’ them to death! Barbie flies the plane, of course, and it runs out of fuel of course, because we need one (1) marginally thrilling action sequence per episode. I am an expert television critic so I should add that in my humble opinion, this week’s crop dusting scene failed at its goal of being marginally thrilling.

Jim is chilling out because he’s “a believer” now.

Big Jim is having everyone stay at his house, which is all white tile and burnished chrome, and he’s making pancakes, and he’s running the diner, and he’s practically handing out lollipops to little kids running by. What’s the deal, Jim? Don’t you remember how you used to murder innocent women in cold blood? Well, apparently, since the dome “spared” him last week (i.e. since Julia prevented him from hanging himself), he’s become a believer and wants to hear everyone’s theories about the dome. This confirms that up to now, Jim did not care what was going on with the unbreakable shield that has encased his town in a deathtrap, which is an insane way for even an irrational person to think.

Eddie Cahill is Jim’s brother-in-law, and Julia just hates that.

I might have mentioned this last week but it’s officially confirmed this week. Apparently he dealt with his sister’s suicide by hiding out in a shack. I think that he’s actually a rejected clone from the planned Romney army who was made to live in the Maine wilderness where no one would ever find him, but that’s me.

The teacher lady is really annoying.

She’s a huge bummer, and she goes about doing stuff like setting crops on fire without consulting with anyone! Her accent (the actress, who I recognize from Misfits, is British) is weird and stilted, and right after she causes all that trouble with the crops, she tells Jim it doesn’t matter anyway cause there’s too many people under the dome and they’re all gonna starve. It took someone this long to figure out that it might be problematic to keep so many people under a dome with no escape?

So, lots of big answers this week (hah!) but even more questions, including another central mystery that the season will obviously revolve around (sadly, no glimpse of the Zenith tower this week).

Who killed Angie?

Angie got taken out with an axe and while the Dome Teens quickly identify a suspect—the pale egg girl who got dragged out of the water last episode and shakes like a leaf—it was a man, according to forensic evidence (or Barbie just eyeballing the corpse, I can’t be sure). Junior thinks he did it, Rob Ford-style (in one of his drunken stupors), but he probably didn’t, because that’s too easy. More important, though, is that the Dome Teens almost execute poor egg girl just because she was in the school and they have a hunch that she did it? Man, the dome makes kids grow up fast.

Does the Dome hate school?

Angie gets killed when she goes to the school. Rebecca burns a farm down right next to the school. Big Jim wants to re-open it and teach kids stuff that will actually help them in dome-life, but maybe the Dome is trying to tell them that SCHOOL SUCKS.

Why is Julia the worst?

Julia gets all mad at Barbie when he doesn’t agree with one of her crackpot theories about egg girl, and says she feels like she’s losing him. This is after waking up in bed with him some three hours previously. She also has a weirdly outsized reaction to finding out Sam is related to Big Jim. “How is it possible that everyone around me is trapped in Big Jim's orbit?" she moans. Julia, how is it possible YOU LIVE UNDER A DOME!? Maybe concentrate on that, you monarch!

Why aren’t people pointing at Jim all the time and screaming “MURDERER!”?

It is semi-publicly known that Big Jim just straight up shot Dodee, a nice silly lady who never did anything, and yet he’s just hanging out pouring people cups of coffee. When he and Barbie are shown Angie’s corpse, he reassures Barbie that he doesn’t think him capable of such a crime. "We've both done things we're not proud of," Jim the cold-blooded murderer says to Barbie. "But neither of us could do this." Barbie should punch him square in the jaw.

Is there anything you can’t blame on the Dome?

Junior confesses his lucid dream of his mother to Sam, but Sam thinks it’s no big deal. "Must have been that magnetic stuff from the dome messing with your head," he says. Go back to the woods, you useless loser.

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