Tommy Ramone, Drummer for The Ramones, Has Died

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Tommy Ramone, the original drummer for The Ramones and later a producer for the punk band, has died at 65. Ramone was the last of the surviving members of the Queens band that took the 1970s punk scene in New York by storm with short, furious songs.

From Variety:

One of the first high-profile releases to emerge from New York’s punk underground of the mid-‘70s, “Ramones” – reportedly recorded in six days on a budget of $6,400 – brought a pared-down, hyperactive style to the stuffy rock scene of the day. Tommy’s driving, high-energy drum work was the turbine that powered the leather-clad foursome’s loud, antic sound.

Ramone, who was born in Hungary and emigrated to America in the late 1950s, worked with everyone from the Replacements to Jimi Hendrix.



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