There's a New Awards Show, and It's for Dogs

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Awards season in Hollywood is already crowded enough, but next year will feature another show: The CW will air the inaugural World Dog Awards. Per The Hollywood Reporter's Michael O'Connell, the show will honor a variety of dogs, from the show biz types to military and medical service animals. The World Dog Awards are set to to take place in January 2015, right smack in the middle of Hollywood's busiest time. 

Now we can already hear some people crying foul. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hey. — JR] Back in 2012 when awards season was all about The Artist's Uggie Richard Lawson wrote that the adorable little Jack Russell was the "Most Shameless Oscar Ploy." In response to praise for the cat in Inside Llewyn Davis, Joe Reid argued "Stop Trying to Give Animals People Awards." 

But that's exactly why The World Dog Awards are a great idea. If the Uggies of the world actually have an awards show to themselves, talk of their performances won't clog up the human awards races. Also, come on everyone, there's going to be an awards show full of adorable dogs. You're gonna watch. [EDITOR'S NOTE: No. — JR]

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