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The Weinstein Company is making sure that audiences know that its upcoming adaptation of The Giver is approved by the book's author: Lois Lowry. The Hollywood Reporter's Rebecca Ford reveals that a new poster for the film is centered around a quote from Lowry: 

It's an interesting bit of PR on the part of TWC. The campaign for The Giver got off to a rocky start when the first trailer disappointed fans. The footage was entirely in color—seemingly implying that the movie had excised and important element of the book wherein the characters see in black and white. Director Phillip Noyce disavowed the first trailer, telling HuffPost Entertainment: 'That first teaser trailer was put out by the publicity department without real consultation with us." He called the trailer "an error." Subsequent posters and a second trailer did a better job with the color scheme

TWC seems to be on a mission to clean up the PR debacle of the first trailer, which ignored one of the few rules of marketing YA: don't alienate fans of the book. (The box office failure of last year's Beautiful Creatures has been blamed in part on rebelling fans of the text.) The poster appears to be taking a cue from the recent marketing campaign for The Fault in Our Stars, which put author John Green front and center. Now, Green has a massive web presence that is something of an anomaly, but TWC has decided that an author's seal of approval is as important as any critic's. 

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