New 'Foxcatcher' Trailer, Poster Promise All Sorts of Channing Tatum

The latest rush of marketing materials for the Oscar contender is selling Channing Tatum's performance, as wrestler Mark Schultz, hard. 

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Before Cannes, it appeared that the most talked about performance of Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher would be Steve Carell's prosthetic-laden take on murderous multimillionaire John du Pont. New advertising for the film, however, is primarily selling Channing Tatum's performance as du Pont's mentee, the wrestler Mark Schultz, hard.

A new teaser trailer focuses on Tatum's Schultz, highlighting his obsession with winning and his tendency toward self abuse.

A poster also released this week puts Tatum front and center, with a pull quote from the Village Voice's Stephanie Zacharek focusing on Tatum.

So does this mean that Sony Pictures Classics' believes Tatum to be their greatest Oscar hope? Obviously, it's still very early to tell, but it certainly seems that his performance is the one the company is deciding to promote. Reviews out of Cannes like Richard Lawson's from Vanity Fair certainly may have reinforced their desire to put advertising desires behind the star. "Somber, smart, and deeply humane, Foxcatcher will likely do big things come (dreaded, anticipated) awards season," Lawson wrote to conclude his piece. "Channing Tatum might soon enough be an Oscar nominee, you guys."

After the new trailer came out Vulture's Kyle Buchanan—who covered Cannes, and speculated about Tatum's Oscar hopes then—wrote on Twitter: "The FOXCATCHER teaser is everything I ever wanted (esp. the rightful focus on Tatum)."

If you aren't already, it's time to get on the Tatum train.

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