'The Daily Show' Wants to Buy CNN, but They Need Your Help

If Rupert Murdoch succeeds in buying Time Warner, Jon Stewart thinks "news will just be 'Shit Rupert Murdoch Thinks.'"

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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team dove into the possibility of Rupert Murdoch buying Time Warner on last night's show. As they noted, he's got quite a bit of capital in the media world already – in Stewart's words, "If he buys Time Warner, news will just be 'Shit Rupert Murdoch Thinks.'"

Murdoch's first attempt to buy yet another media conglomerate fell short – Time Warner turned him down. "Of course, this being Time Warner, I bet they told him to wait at home for their answer between noon and 6 p.m.," Stewart said, "and they never showed up."

Despite this, several CNN analysts don't think Murdoch will give up that easily. In plenty of similar past cases, like when he bought the Wall Street Journal, he's had to be insistent. ("He's like the date rapist of media barons," Stewart said. "With all due respect.") But even if he succeeds, there's a barrier: CNN would have to be sold to avoid conflict of interest with Fox News.

CNN's potential asking price – $10 billion, if a Morgan Stanley analyst's valuation is to be believed – is steep. But The Daily Show's Let's Buy CNN Kickstarter campaign is aiming to make it happen.

"We've got some very attractive awards at every level," Stewart joked. Among the rewards: a spot in a mass shooting six-box and taking molly with Fareed Zakaria. All the rewards are viewable on the show's (unfortunately fake) Kickstarter page.

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