'The Daily Show' Wants Help Programming CNN's 24-Hour Schedule

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Jon Stewart's been coming up with fake CNN shows and slogans for 15 years. Yet in response to The Daily Show's efforts to buy CNN, channel host Fareed Zakaria questioned last week exactly how a team that puts together less than two hours of programming a week will handle a 24-hour news cycle.

"But we're confident that we can do better than whoever is currently running that network," Stewart pressed. "Which I assume is just a room of angry chimps."

After all, CNN is the team that gets obsessed with new technology in a flash, like giant touch screens and hologram reporters. Stewart's is the team that has come up with dozens of new show ideas for the network. Who would you trust more?

In fact, The Daily Show's comprehensive ribbing of CNN over the years sent Stewart into fits of laughter. "When you go back in the archives, it really is overkill," he said through bursts of giggles.

But Stewart and the team are pressing on – and they want more ideas, too! Using the hashtags #NewCNNShows, #NewCNNSlogans, and #NewCNNTech, you can submit your suggestions on Twitter. The Kickstarter effort may be fake, but the jokes, as Stewart demonstrated when he compared himself to his much younger self, last a lifetime.

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