'The Daily Show' Thinks Putin's Only Defense Is to Channel Shaggy

Jon Stewart finds Russia's alternate theories about what happened to Malaysia Air Flight 17 a bit problematic.

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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show crew started their week with two major crises to address: the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the downing of Malaysia Air Flight 17. After making the point that talking about Israel is, well, difficult ...

... Stewart went with Ukraine. Specifically, he pointed out the implausibility of any alternate theories as to what happened as Russian propaganda mounts everywhere from Wikipedia to WWEOne such theory: the flight actually had no live passengers, and was merely filled with corpses.

"The Dutch, the world's florists," Stewart began, "loaded corpses onto a plane in Amsterdam and ditched it over the rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine to make them look bad for no f*cking reason whatsoever."

"That is so like the Dutch," he joked.

For Russian president Vladimir Putin, not exactly the most popular girl in school right now, the only defense Stewart said he could use was The Shaggy Defense.

Luckily, as the host noted, there's alternate paths through that part of the world that don't involve crossing the Ukraine. Flights can always cross Syria instead.

"That's where we are right now in the world," Stewart concluded quite despondently. "When the area above an ongoing civil war that's killed tens of thousands and involved the use of chemical weapons is known as 'the commuter lane.'"

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