'The Daily Show' Investigates Governor Cuomo's Lack of Investigation

The New York governor created a commission for sussing out corruption, but Jon Stewart thinks his excuse to avoid being investigated himself is "ridiculous."

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Jon Stewart's seen a lot of scandals in New York's capital over the years. From mail fraud to bribery, Albany's never short on corruption – which is why Governor Andrew Cuomo's efforts to stamp it out were initially so encouraging.

Unfortunately, as Stewart explained on last night's The Today Show, the buck only goes so far in Cuomo's Albany. Though the governor created the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, a recent New York Times report revealed that Cuomo blocked investigation of anything involving himself.

"Say it ain't so, Andy! Say it ain't so!" Stewart said with quivering lip. He then pointed out that, in fact, Cuomo had said the commission would be able to investigate him:

But Cuomo is now backing off of that claim, saying that it's a "conflict of interest" for a committee he created to investigate him. Stewart's response?

"You know that's f*cking ridiculous, right?"

Ultimately, Stewart's greatest hope is that nothing comes of this scandal about not investigating scandals – Cuomo has bad company to potentially keep.

"New York's governors have two halls: Shame and Fame," he said. "And one of them is very crowded."

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