'The Daily Show' Gets Into the CIA's Lunch Complaints

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Jon Stewart has had enough of the American government's spying. "Tapping our phones, searching our email, watching us while bathe – yes, while we bathe!" he bemoaned on last night's show. But, he announced with a grin, "It's payback time."

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, new information about the CIA has come to light. But it isn't about espionage missions or intelligence gathering: it's about the agency cafeteria.

"The f*ck?" Stewart said after several moments of slack-jawed staring.

The subject of the FOIA request – a compilation of "bitchy" emails about lunch room food – provided plenty of fodder for Stewart and The Daily Show crew. Among the complaints: improper condiment dispensation, mixed reviews of jazz salads, and diet soda coming out of the regular soda spout.

"Fascinating," said Stewart. "Apparently at the CIA, even the sodas go undercover as other sodas."

But when Stewart brought on an "actual" CIA agent to read more of the complaints, he couldn't help but worry that they weren't doing enough to conceal his identity.

"What? My face is hidden! Silhouette! I could be anybody!" the too-familiar voice said. "Where was I?"

Who was the "agent"? Check out the clip below:

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